Why You Should Keep an Eye on the Condensate Line

The condensate line is what your air conditioner uses to dispose of the moisture it removes from your Savannah home. The line is attached to a drain pan under the AC’s evaporator coil. Indoor air passes over the coil where moisture is extracted and deposited in the drain pan. The water exits the system through the condensate drain, makes its way through the drain pipe and drips out of the pipe on the ground outside. All is well unless the line gets clogged and the water has nowhere to go.

How Condensate Lines Get Clogged

Most clogs are caused by lack of AC maintenance. Cleaning the drain line is part of a tuneup, so if you get tuneups every spring, you shouldn’t have clogs. However, you should still check the line periodically to make sure. It’s easy to do: Go outside, locate the drain pipe near the AC’s outdoor unit, and check the line to see if it’s dripping water while the AC is on. If it is, great; if not, you should turn off the unit and schedule AC service to check for a possible clog.

Why Clogs Require Immediate Attention

All sorts of unpleasant consequences can result if you ignore drain line clogs:

  • Your drain pan can harbor slimy and contaminated water that can pollute your indoor air.
  • Backed-up water can cause ceiling leaks and drywall damage.
  • Water can overflow the drain pan and harm your property.
  • Leaks near wiring can cause electrical fires.
  • Your indoor unit can ice up and stop working.

Prevent Clogs With Annual AC Maintenance

Regular tuneups prevent clogs and protect hardworking Savannah air conditioners from various threats. To learn more about why prevention is good medicine or to get a money-off coupon for AC maintenance, visit Bolton Air or call (912) 436-3440.