Will You Have Heat When You Need It?

While the weather is generally mild in Savannah, Georgia, it’s not uncommon for winter temperatures to drop below freezing. Will your heat pump or furnace function properly when the first cold snap arrives? It’s easy to forget about your heater when the sun is shining, but you’ll welcome its warmth on cold winter nights. Ensure your cold-weather comfort by scheduling heat pump or furnace maintenance from Bolton Air before Old Man Winter comes knocking.

Safety First!

Without regular checkups, your heater is vulnerable to wear and tear. Parts can corrode, wiring can fray and dirt can clog critical components. When it comes to heat pumps, neglect can result in damaging refrigerant or condensate leaks. For fuel-burning furnaces, deterioration can cause dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide to backdraft into living spaces. Malfunctioning furnaces are fire hazards too. Seasonal maintenance helps safeguard your property and your family.

Optimize Heater Performance

Even if your heat pump or furnace doesn’t break down completely, it can still fail to keep you comfortably warm. Tune-ups help maximize your heater’s efficiency, so it operates at peak performance when you most need it. Controls are calibrated, moving parts are lubricated and components are thoroughly cleaned. The result is a smooth-running heater that provides the cozy warmth your family wants when the weather turns chilly.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

The financial savings you’ll enjoy through professional maintenance is well worth the cost of the service. The difference in energy consumption between properly maintained heaters and neglected ones is as high as 25 percent. In addition to lower monthly energy bills, maintenance helps save you from the cost of unexpected repairs. Because regular care helps extend the equipment’s service life, you’ll save money down the road as well.

The experts at Bolton Air are readily available to ensure you have heat whenever you need it. Don’t wait until the first frost to take action. Learn more about our professional maintenance services or call 912-661-6403 today.

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